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Forte Plumbing Company was founded in 1962 by our father, Carmen Forte and our mother, Angie Forte. As first generation Italian immigrants, our parents knew the importance of a hard day’s work, and the lifelong bond of a valued customer. It’s nearly 50 years later, and our company is still family owned and operated, by lifelong Elmwood Park residents, Carmen and Robert Forte. We are proud to serve the near suburbs of the Chicagoland area with the same values that our father taught us from the beginning, providing prompt, courteous, and skilled expertise on all areas of plumbing and sewer repair. We are honored to serve several of the same customers that our father worked for when we were kids, and our business has grown in no small part to the hard work and family atmosphere that we provide for every single one of our customers, new or old.

The Forte Plumbing Pledge

Whether you are a lifelong customer of Forte Plumbing, or a first time customer looking for a new plumber, we appreciate your business and will strive to make the your plumbing service experience the best it can be in several ways. You can count on us to provide fast, friendly, efficient, and cost-effective solutions to all your plumbing needs, whether large or small.


•Respond to all of your requests for plumbing and sewer service or repair on a daily basis, providing round-the-clock service when you need us most
•Perform a FREE estimate at your home or business to diagnose your plumbing and sewer service or repair
•Provide you with a courteous, understanding, and highly trained licensed plumbing service associate that will repair or service your plumbing problem with the utmost of skill, training, and instruction
•Respect the cleanliness of your home or business and always fully clean the area affected by our service before we leave the premises
•And most importantly, we will ALWAYS treat you as a member of the Forte Plumbing family. Everyone would love to have a plumber in their family, so welcome to ours!

Over the years, Forte Plumbing has received several awards and accolades that we are proud to share with our customers. We feel that these recognitions have been a representation of our continuing goal to provide the best service for our valued customers, as our father always taught us. Here are a few of them:

•We are listed as one of the 24 Top Plumbing Companies in the Chicagoland area by The Chicago Magazine, May Edition 2008
•We currently hold a Top Quality Rating
•We currently hold a U.S. Patent for the "Neverflood Lift Station Flood Control System" approved state wide and in the City of Chicago.
•We hold a State Plumbing License, Cook County Plumbing License, City of Chicago Plumbing License, City of Chicago Drain Layers License, City of Chicago Public Way License, and a State of Illinois registered Backflow Preventer Testing Certificate.

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